It is the 21st Century, one may find various sources in order to get required information. One such source is called blogging platform. It is a platform that shares complete information on any of the particular topics under one roof. One such platform is, an architectural and infrastructure information providing blogging site. Moreover, in this article we are going to talk about the blogging site, its features, access procedure and more related information.

Know About

The is a web based blogging platform. It shares articles and blogs in an easy to understand language. Moreover, the main focus of the site is to provide information related to infrastructure and Architecture. It also shares information on various entertaining competitions which engages the users and also enhances their skills. However, it was designed to be user centric and simple from a layout perspective with a focus on usability. The features and categories are what makes it a standout from other blogging sites.

Unveiling The Key Highlights on

Now, as known to all, the characteristics are the main highlight of any blogging site. These characteristics are what decide the success rate of any blogging site. So, mentioned below are few of the key highlights of the blogging site:

  • The Variety Available: Now, the user may find various articles and blogs on several genres. Moreover, the site has been further divided into various categories which makes the navigation process easy and simple. Through these articles one may find all required information under one platform.
  • Easy Accessibility: Now, the user does not need to follow up any registration or any login procedure. One can easily access the site by following the steps given below. Moreover, it safeguards the users information as well.
  • Free of Cost: The blogging platform is free. It means that the user does not have to pay a single penny before entering the website. There are no subscription plans, downloads or other plans available to access the site. In addition, the site is free and does not require any fees.
  • Reader Friendly Interface: The  architecture blogging platform has an easy to navigate interface. The user or the reader does not need to be technically sound or too good in order to use the platform. One just needs to visit the site and go through different articles without much worry.
  • Mobile Responsive: This is the 21st century, so you don’t need to have a computer device with you to access the website or any online platform. The page is easily accessible from a mobile and internet device, be it a laptop or tablet.

The Access Door For

The Access Door For

Now, accessing any blogging platform is not quite a tough job to do. One just does not need to follow any lengthy registration or login procedure in order to access the site. The step one can follow in order to have an easy access of the site are as follows:

  • Step 1: From an Internet Connected device open any of the preferred browser.
  • Step 2: Search for nd from the SERPs navigate to the official website.
  • Step 3: Once the homepage appears on the screen, the user can navigate to various articles and Architectural blogs.
  • Step 4: Choose any of the preferred articles, and click on the Continue reading button given below the article box. Soon the article will open on the screen and now the reader can go through the article in detail.

Categories Available On

To be precise, as mentioned above one can find various articles on the blogging platform. These articles are further divided into various categories and these different categories are as follows:

  •  Competitions: Under the competition category one may find articles and blogs related to various attractive competitions. The article talks about different challenges, the process to participate and also talks and covers information about the winners.
  • For-Manufacturers: The for manufacturer category covers articles and information that can be quite helpful for different architecture manufacturers. They can outshine others in the manufacturing field easily once they go through the articles given.
  • Inspiration: The inspiration category of the blogging platform shares articles and blogs which can easily inspire the upcoming Architectures. It talks about various famous and beautiful designs, how it has been created, the story behind and more related information.
  • Product Guides: Now, the Product Guide section of the platform shares articles where they have discussed various products, known and unknown that can be quite helpful for the architectural department in the long run.


The information related to shared above is based on our own research. The article is for informational and Educational purposes only. Moreover, one may visit the official website before relying on the shared information. However, move forward with the site at your own risk.


In conclusion, is merely a web based blogging site. It shares architectural and infrastructure articles and blogs that helps and inform the users about various competition and architecture design to improve the user skills. Moreover, the features, categories alongside the access procedure, all the information have been discussed above in detail. One may go through the article before visiting the official site for in depth information.

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