With the rising technology all around us, we have seen multiple tech giants rising around us. Among all the prevalent technologies, we have seen a surge in e-tech. This e-tech has also risen and opened its horizon for online gaming. It has encompassed a wide range of games and other genres. Therefore, to make you understand it more clearly, keep reading this article till the very end. Towards the end of this article, you will get a better glimpse of eTrueSports Tech.

Understanding eTrueSports Tech

eTrueSports Tech is often referred to as an electronic sports and esports. This is a form of competition used in video games. Presently it has been encompassing a wide range of games and genres. It has been utilizing real-time strategy in first-person shooters and multiplayer online battle arenas. This has evolved the casual gaming to organized multiplayer video gaming competitions, particularly between professional players. This term highlights the technological backbone that supports this industry. It includes hardware, software, and connectivity that makes large-scale competitions.

Tech Behind eTrueSports Tech

Let’s explore the major tech behind the excellent sports solution. Briefly explored are some of the information related to the same.


Listed below is the included hardware technology.

  • Peripherals: Accessories like gaming keyboards, mice, controllers, and headsets are made to improve gaming performance and comfort. Advantages like mechanical switches, custom buttons, and high-quality audio give a competitive edge.
  • Monitors: High-refresh-rate monitors with fast response times are essential for competitive gaming. Features such as G-Sync and FreeSync help to avoid screen tearing and offer a more seamless gaming experience.
  • Gaming PCs and Consoles: High-performance processors, graphics cards, and memory are necessary for playing intensive games with the best possible graphics and settings on gaming PCs and consoles. Gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox play a crucial role by providing strong hardware with a user-friendly design.


Briefly mentioned are the included software technology.

  • Streaming Software: Several tools like OBS Studio and XSplit enable players to broadcast their gameplay. It uses platforms like Twitch and YouTube that offer a wide range of features like overlays, alerts, and integrations with each other software.
  • Anti-Cheats Software: The anti-cheats software ensures fair-paly critical games. Systems like BattleEye and VAC are seamlessly used to detect and prevent any kind of cheating that might occur while gaming.
  • Game Titles: Various games like ‘League of Legends, ‘Data2’ and others have always dominated the gaming sector. The major reason behind their consistent fame is their constant updates of the newest features, which makes them more engaging.

Unveiling the Giants

There are numerous companies that are at the forefront of this gaming genre. Mentioned here are some of the leading giants.

  1. Valve Corporation: Known for developing “Dota 2” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It has a major influence on competitive gaming with its games and the Steam platform.
  2. Epic Games: It has used the immense popularity of “Fortnite” to build a successful competitive environment. Complete with big prize money and an international fanbase.
  3. Riot Games: it is famous for “League of Legends” and has played a key role in promoting esports. It does this through its professional leagues and global competitions.
  4. Blizzard Entertainment: This is known for games like “Overwatch” and “StarCraft. “ It has a rich background in competitive gaming and remains active in organizing significant tournaments and leagues.

Rising Heights of eTrueSports Tech

Undermentioned is the exponential growth happening in the industry in recent years. Read the provided information to know about them in brief.

  • Revenue Flow: Sources of income for Etruesports include sponsorships, advertising, and media rights, among others. Big corporations such as Intel, Coca-Cola, and Red Bull provide financial support to events and teams. Thereby helping them to maintain the industry’s economic stability.
  • Prize Pools: High-stakes competitions provide significant cash rewards. Along with tournaments such as The International for “Dota 2” boasting prize pools exceeding $30 million.
  • Job Creation: The industry offers job opportunities in different roles, including professional players, coaches, event organizers, and content creators.

Disclaimer: All the details mentioned in this blog are based on our own research and serve only informational purposes.


eTrueSports Tech highlights the convergence of tech, competition, and community. The platform offers exciting opportunities for players, fans, along industry professionals. This also highlights the coming potential growth in the limitless, and promising experiences and possibilities. Therefore, to maximize your profit from the same, give a thorough read to the provided information.

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