We all know that most aspects of our daily lifestyle are shaped by social media platforms. It has now become an inevitable part of your daily lives. With the help of social media handles, we get to know several tips and tricks, we learn about news, etc. It has not become a single space where you will get plenty of content. This availability of a vast range of content on social media makes things difficult. You not only need content solely to make trends, instead, you need to understand the algorithm and matter. To make this purpose easier for you, here we are going to explore, Not Just Analytics. 

About “Not Just Analytics”

Not Just Analytics which is often referred to as NJL is an amazing service provider platform. With the help of this web-based platform, you can avail of multiple services for your social media handles. This site is specially crafted for social media influencers or business firms. With the use of their services, you can boost your popularity on different social media handles. They describe strategies and provide analysis. The site also carries a list of influencers based on their content category that you can follow. By doing so you will learn about posting ideas, get popular hashtags, and many more. 

Getting Started With Not Just Analytics

If you wish to avail the services provided by this platform, then you can register yourself. To complete this process, follow these listed steps to get your hands on services. 

  1. The foremost step that you need to take is to open any ‘Browser’ on your device. 
  2. Once the Browser is opened you need to tap on the search bar to look for the site. 
  3. From the provided results click on the one that appears official to you notjustanalytics.com
  4. After you enter the homepage of the site, click on the ‘Sign In’ button and scroll down. 
  5. At the bottom of the provided page tap on ‘Create One With a Click’. 
  6. On the directed new page, fill in the provided input boxes with Name, Surname, and Email Address. 
  7. Then create a storm password, and re-enter the created password. 
  8. Finally, accept the terms and conditions of the site, and hit on ‘Create Account’. 
  9. Now that you have successfully created your account you surf through its services. 

Accessing Not Just Analytics Effectively

After creating your account it is crucial for you to complete the sign-in process to activate your account. To complete this process easily, follow the undermentioned steps. 

  1. With the help of any of your desired ‘Browser’ navigate the official website. 
  2. Once the SERPs are presented to you, surf through the results. 
  3. After reviewing click the link that directs you to the official website. 
  4. On the main dashboard of the site tap on the ‘Sign In’ button from the Menu Bar. 
  5. On the prompted page, insert your registered Email Address and Password. 
  6. Cross-verify the provided information, and click on the ‘Sign In’ button. 
  7. Next, you get the opportunity to customize your services. 
  8. Moving ahead you will have to select the subscription plan for yourself. 
  9. The above step will be accompanied by, setting up your account. 
  10. Lastly, you are all set to explore and connect with profiles. 

Pricing Structure of Not Just Analytics

One of the best parts about this platform is that it provides budget-friendly subscriptions to its users. Briefly, we have provided you with the gist of the subscription to get complete information regarding the services of each plan visit the official website. 

Light Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan
Euro 7,50/ MonthEuro 24,17/ MonthEuro 74,17/ Month

Reasons to Choose

There are numerous for you to avail of services from this platform. Here we have explored some of the self-asserted reasons for the same. 

  • Transparency: The site makes sure to provide proper transparency to its users. This not only enables them to gain the trust of the users. Instead, it also helps them in making their users aware of who is working ethically and who is being sneaky. 
  • Meritocracy: You also get awarded for your efforts that you put on the site and your account. The site supports and values people who are committed and act professionally. This allows the site to maintain its quality services. 
  • Reliability: One of the best parts of this site is that it infuses reliability. Because the site makes sure to use the official Instagram API to ensure data quality. 
  • User-Friendly: One of the innate qualities of this site it allows users to have seamless access. You get a user-friendly interface that allows them to use the services of the site effectively. 

Disclaimer: All the information mentioned in this blog is solely meant to serve the informational purposes. To avail of the services of the described platform you must visit the official website Not Just Analytics.


Not Just Analytics is going to be your ultimate destination that has the potential to boost your social media appearances. The site provides you with top-notch service, along with proper tracking. You can see your daily growth, rising likes, followers, etc. All you need to do is avail the services provided by this site. 

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