Spotify, a go to music site for everyone. Its entertaining, easy to access and more. But it has not been financially beneficial for us. At the same time there are few apps and sites which pay users for listening to music. One such platform is playlistpush. com. It pays to listen to new music and provide our feedback. Here, in this article we will learn more about playlist push, earning process and more information. 

About Playlistpush. Com

PlaylistPush. com is like a helper for new musicians. It’s worth listening to new songs and giving feedback. It helps connect them with people. And helps artists find new fans and lets famous playlist creators make money. The ones who make playlists on Spotify and videos on TikTok. If the playlist and video creators like the song. One can add it to their own playlists or videos. It helps artists get more attention and become popular. This can help them in their music career.

Make Money With playlistpush. com

  • One can make money by being a creator of Spotify playlists or TikTok. But it’s hard to get in if they don’t have a lot of followers. As a playlist creator at, one can add it to one of their Spotify playlists when an artist releases a song. One can earn up to $15 for every story they review. Until more people listen to it. 
  • For a TikTok creator, they can earn up to $250. This applies to any song shared in the video. All one has to do is choose a song they like. Then put it in the video to promote it. The more people like the video, the more money one can earn. Video creators can also choose PayPal or Venmo to receive their money. 
  • But it’s important to know that no one starts making money right away.

Key Highlights For playlistpush. com

There must be some benefit to linking to these sites. Written here:

  • Instant Payment: You don’t have to wait for your payments. You will receive payment immediately upon a certified check.
  • Benefits for famous people: If you have a famous playlist or follow TikTok. It’s easier to make money.
  • Switch to new artists: This can help new artists get noticed. When they upload music and get many listeners.
  • Simple interface: The website is simple. Easy navigation and intuitive functions. This makes it easier for users. To find what they are looking for. It also looks good..

Join Playlistpush. Com

To join, a playlistpush. com must follow a certain process. It involves a difficult screening process. Special needs for TikTok creators and Spotify curators. Unfortunately, their options are limited. This is only for people who live in North America or Europe. 

  • To become a Spotify Trustee, applicants must meet certain criteria. This includes playlist followers, active listeners and referrals. 
  • The same goes for TikTok creators. They must meet at least one follower. Also the threshold of inclusion. 
  • Geographical restrictions can limit options. Especially for authors outside of North America and Europe. 

Spotify playlist curators:

Here are some rules to make sure. Please review before applying:

  • Number of followers: Each playlist requires a minimum of 1000 followers.
  • Active Members: You must have at least 30 people listening to your playlists or a listening rate of 1%.
  • No fake followers: One cannot have fake followers or bots. The followers of the artist is required to be real. 
  • Follow the rules: Your playlists must follow their rules.From the current date. The above application is close. You will be notified later.

For TikTok Creator

There is a small process for them. This can be an advantage for them. If you are already famous there.

  • Minimum number of followers: At least thirty thousand followers.
  • Active Views: Many views.There is currently a waiting list for new TikTok creators. Who wants to join Playlist Push. As a playlist maintenance application. You will be notified. When places are available.

Is playlistpush. com legal and Safe? 

Yes, PlaylistPush is a real way for creators to make money. But getting approval is not easy. For musicians, this can be a legitimate way to make extra money. This is a great place to promote music online on Spotify. Over 4000 playlists to add songs to. These playlists can have 150 million listeners also. Many independent artists use playlist push to share their music. They might notice. Might be worth considering. If anyone wants to distribute their music to a wider audience and make money. Remember that it can take time to make money, so don’t give up too soon.

Disclaimer: All the information shared is well researched about playlistpush. com. It is for informational purpose only. Furthermore, one may visit the official website before relying on the information. Moreover, move ahead at your own risk.


In conclusion, playlistpush. com is a platform that promotes music on spotify. It is also used to earn money and considered a legal source to do so. While it takes a longer wait period to accept new users. But its characteristics and other features make this wait a memorable moment. Well, all the highlight points alongside the startup process have been mentioned above. That too in detail.

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